The Political Psychology of Women in U.S. Politics

Angela L. Bos and Monica Schneider 2017

Summarizes and extends interdisciplinary research that addresses how and why men and women differ as citizens, as political candidates, and as officeholders.


Distinct Identities: Minority Women in U.S. Politics

Nadia E. Brown and Sarah Allen Gershon 2016

The scholarship on intersectionality in this volume seeks to push beyond disciplinary constraints to think more holistically about the politics of identity.


The Latino Gender Gap in U.S. Politics

Christina E. Bejarano 2014

Political analysis of the diverse U.S. Latino population and the interacting factors that can influence male and female differences in voting and policy attitudes.


The Latina Advantage

Christina E. Bejarano 2013

Data-driven study which indicates that minority female political candidates often have a strong advantage over male opponents when seeking political office.  


Women & Congressional Elections: A Century of Change

Barbara Palmer and Dennis Simon 2012

Combines a rich analytical narrative, data on nearly 40,000 candidates, and colorful stories from the campaign trail in a thorough accounting of women’s performance in...